Mindfulness Benefits

Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

The benefits of simply noticing what is appearing, also know as mindfulness, are many.  Have a read below – and notice what is reading, what is noticing…

  • Sixty seconds of being mindful several times throughout the day creates a powerful change in the neural pathways in the brain. Upon waking and at bedtime are fertile times for being mindful and observing thoughts.
  • Mindfulness improves creativity, attention span, working memory, and enhances decision-making.
  • Meditation enhances brain functioning and increases grey matter in areas related to empathy, attention, self-control, and self-awareness.
  • For those new to meditation, three to five minutes of meditation each day will create more rapid changes in the brain’s neural pathways than three 10 minute sessions each week.
  • The rewards of observing thoughts daily without judgment has wellness impacts beyond comprehension.  The mind’s function is to report a running commentary each moment; it is the ultimate judge and story-teller.
  • Mindfulness often changes the perceptual tolerance level of physical and emotional pain with regular practice. Chronic pain may be significantly reduced with regular mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Meditation improves the immune system functioning.  Regular meditators are admitted to the hospital less often (Psychosomatic Medicine 564–70, 2007)
    Mindfulness is a potent therapy for stress-reduction, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder.
  • Regular mindfulness-based meditation promotes health and wellness:
  • Heart rate returns to balance
    • Respiration returns to balance
    • Blood pressure returns to balance
    • Brain waves slow from beta to alpha
    • Unconscious mind sends old debris to consciousness to be cleared
    • American Heart Association’s Journal of Hypertension in 1995 and 1996 indicates that meditation can be as effective as anti-hypertensive drugs, and is side-effect free!

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