Self-Inquiry Group

What is a self-inquiry group? It’s simply a supportive and casual gathering of Truth-seeking friends, old and new, to question the long-held beliefs of being a personal self experiencing an external reality, and to notice the nature of what simply is…to see life as a curious toddler sees…as impersonal awareness…without adding concepts and beliefs to what is.

Jenny, Lynden, and I offer monthly Saturday self-inquiry sessions and occasional nonduality retreats to examine the beliefs, concepts, and habits leading to the misperception of a personal identity in a tangible and enduring external time-based reality.

The gardens and gatherings provide a place of quiet refuge, a community of loyal friends and unconditional love to weary pilgrims longing to notice an uncaused, impersonal, choiceless, awareness that’s appearing here now as this.

Self-inquiry sessions are offered freely and retreats are offered at a minimal fee to cover out-of-town speakers’ travel and lodging expenses.

Seating for inquiry sessions and retreats is very limited. If you are attending a Saturday group session for the first time, please contact me to see if a seat is open for you.


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