TAT Foundation

I have a special place in my heart for The TAT Foundation as Richard Rose and his teachings were pivotal in helping me to see deeply the false nature of an enduring separate self.

My teacher is Bart Marshall and Bart’s teacher was Richard Rose..in fact, if I remember correctly, Bart was present at the bedside when Mr. Rose died. It’s because of Bart that I came to understand the life and nondual teachings of Richard Rose. It was Richard Rose’s dream to form an organization grounded in what he found so little of in his years of searching: sincerity and true perspective.

TAT—Truth and Transmission—was founded on the conviction that our investigation of life’s mysteries is expedited by working with others who are exploring, perhaps down a different road, so that we may share our discoveries, exchange ideas, and “compare notes” in order to come to a better understanding of our self and others.

TAT’s Mission
The TAT Foundation was created as a focal point for a circle of friends who could each give and receive help in the philosophical-spiritual quest.

Read more: https://tatfoundation.org/

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