Self Inquiry Mentoring

During individual sessions we examine all beliefs to see how suffering is created and perpetuated. We will explore and practice being aware of this moment without adding any names or labels to what is appearing or claiming awareness as personal to a me.

Awareness is often overlooked or dismissed as not relevant to knowing what we are. While it appears otherwise to many, there are no separate students to learn or teachers to teach. The mirage we call life seems to offer breadcrumbs along the path.

In the spirit of these perennial wisdom teachings, helping spiritual friends see where we are still holding on to beliefs of being a separate self is one way to help magnify and then release our own deep beliefs in separation. Working with others was referred to as Ladder Work by Richard Rose, my teacher’s teacher.

I offer guidance on the path and show you how to navigate the slippery slopes and dangerous holes on the path. I point towards what is here, now, as this radiant moment. I notice where you may be hiding long-held beliefs and concepts which distort the perception of what is appearing. I demonstrate how to question all assumptions of what is appearing here, now.

Working together, we discover the beauty of living at deep peace, openly, receptively, without names, labels, and claims of ownership. We discover words, labels, and names are not the thing any more than the menu is the food or the map is the territory.

Individual meetings may be arranged with me at Juniper Level Botanic Garden in Raleigh, NC. I am also available for individual sessions by Zoom. These meetings are not intended as a substitute for professional psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, legal or financial advice. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters.

Nonduality Events in Raleigh, NC

I also facilitate monthly self inquiry gatherings on one Saturday each month with fellow pilgrims Jenny in Raleigh, NC and Lynden in Hillsborough, NC. Currently these meeting are held via Zoom.

These casual gatherings of deeply spiritual and philosophical friends include a brief period of silence and group dialogue. Attendees are encouraged to speak from their heart and direct experience, not from the mental realm with second-hand ideas and beliefs.

Triangle Inquiry Group

I am sad to report that the Wednesday evening Self Inquiry Group in Raleigh has decided to cease meetings in person. Many of us are still gathering on Zoom to discuss self inquiry and support each other on the path. Send me a note if you are interested in joining us.

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