Self-Inquiry Group

Juniper Level Botanic Garden – Raleigh, NC

What is a self-inquiry group? It’s simply a supportive and casual gathering of friends, old and new, to question the long-held beliefs of being a personal self experiencing an external reality, and to notice the nature of what simply is…to see life as a curious toddler sees…as impersonal awareness…without adding concepts and beliefs to what is.

Anita and friends offer self-inquiry sessions and occasional nonduality retreats to examine the beliefs, concepts, and habits leading to the misperception of a personal identity in a tangible and enduring external time-based reality.

The gardens and gatherings provide a place of quiet refuge, a community of loyal friends and unconditional love to weary pilgrims longing to notice an uncaused, impersonal, choiceless, awareness that’s appearing here now as this.

Self-inquiry sessions in the gardens are offered freely and retreats are offered at a minimal fee to cover out-of-town speakers’ travel and lodging expenses. Your donations to Juniper Level Botanic Garden’s endowment help us preserve this unique place for plant scientists, medical researchers, and nature and beauty lovers worldwide. Read the botanic garden’s mission statement here.

Seating for inquiry sessions and retreats is very limited.  If you are attending a Saturday group session for the first time, please view the Saturday group session information and schedule here.