I write words as an expression of the indescribable appearing as what is…infinite, undivided, timeless, stillness. Some call this poetry. It’s words on a page.

Poetry, art, nature, and music often provide a magic carpet ride to perceiving with a new lens…soaring above the brain’s fearful, dull, and habitual descriptions, explanations, and commentaries about what is appearing.

The human brain discounts or rejects concepts and beliefs beyond its relative comprehension.  And yet that’s all we have, a dualistically wired brain processing electrical signals and claiming these electrical pulses as being personal and centered within a me, based in time and space as a personal self, where none has ever existed.

That anything at all is appearing is a miracle, a paradox, an enigma. Unless thoughts and thinking are in the conversation, can you say anything at all about what is appearing?

I’m offering you an inky trail of paradoxical breadcrumbs…leading you towards perceiving a timeless, infinite, Absolute Truth of what you are, have always been, but have forgotten.

Poetry, art, music, and nature open an invisible door in the brain towards remembering what we are and what our rational and relational brains reject, dismiss, and deny.


Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden


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