Perhaps A Book?

Updated 8.24.18

Book One will offer my perspective of the simple, but maybe not so easy to swallow, core principles and philosophy of not twoness.  Honestly, this writing a book thing is more like ironing. The freshly ironed/pressed clothes are nice for a minute then you move or breathe and the wrinkles appear.  Mainly I want to write this book for my adult children and grandson so when I’m dead and they sit around drinking beer and discussing how weird their Mom was they will at least have some good fodder to toast over the fire. 

Book Two still lives inside my head (in chapter outline) as it floats around as vast nothingness.  This book will eventually cover the science of perception, our sensory machinery, and how the brain and mental processes make enduring objects from what we believe we see.  Have no fear if you are inclined to read scientific words.  I’ll be writing from a third-grade student science perspective so you should have no trouble comprehending what I will be offering. Trust me, if I can point towards nonduality, so can you.  I may include how our mental processes keep us believing we are separate and explore the biology of belief and the roots of anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, and PTSD.  

Book Three is still incubating.  Seems Marlene is a harder sell on writing this book together than I imagined in my book-writing reverie. 

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