What Understands?

Believing you are a person with a brain/mind who thinks and understands that nothing can be known or understood is not the same as realizing there is no personal you and no personal mind to think or understand, or not think or not understand.  The beliefs of existing as a personal and separate self are what gives rise to the idea of having “a mind.”

If Truth/Awakening is the goal, then you must see the error of believing you are a separate being with a personal brain/mind. This must be seen as the misperception it is. I am not selling you anything on this website. The information here is universal and older than time. Passing along these amazing teachings is my goal and my only reason to do so is because I am so happy others shared these perennial wisdom teachings with me in 2011.

Of course, seeing this stark and unbelievable information, its obvious that most folks will feel an inner intense fear…which is the ego mind at work asserting itself, not wanting to yield to an infinite and edgeless aware presence. We lived innocently as this natural and effortless aware presence when we were small and before we were taught and programed to have a specific name that made us apart from what we perceived as others.

Now, we fight to keep our control, autonomy, and a sense of a personal self. Most folks want to keep the sense of the personal self AND wake up to Truth! This is impossible since the one of the main barriers to Truth is the belief of being/existing as a separate self.

Yet, the mind/ego can’t choose its own annihilation. Thankfully, it’s not up to “the you — you believe you are” to correct this misperception.  Thinking…simply…appears…uncaused, just like breathing, just like clouds appearing upon a vast sky. Thinking is not a problem. Believing thoughts belong to a separate and personal you is what births personal suffering.

Be ruthlessly gentle with the personal self since it’s all you have right now. Keep chipping away and confronting all the beliefs that keep you feeling like you are a separate self. Slowly, they will dissolve one by one with each belief and concept about yourself that you hold to be true. When you get to the point where you confront and question your very beingness as a human being, as a Mom or Dad, a female or a male, you are getting close to Truth. Be brave…surrender and pray for Grace to gives you eyes to see. Remember, you are the Light of the Universe.