What Simply Is

When you practice self-inquiry deeply enough to reach the point of seeing that nothing is seen as personal, the ego/mind eventually relinquishes the tight grip on constant sorting and labeling. It’s a slippery slope whenever we take appearances and action as personal and create separation of the world and ourselves.

Have you noticed how the brain loves the role of GPS coordinator for the body and for naming and catorizing all the events of life into memory? Life unfolds as it does, warts and rainbows, yet there can be complete acceptance of the good and the bad, that life is as it is.

I know this topic is deep, controversial, and wide so let’s break it down a bit into these themes:

  • Noticing that presence is effortlessly here now, prior to all labels, names, claims, descriptions, beliefs, and explanations. I had mistaken this presence as belonging to, and arising only, within a personal me since it felt so intimate and close.
  • Paying attention to the habitual emotional and mental stories that the brain/mind creates about a separate “me at the center” of experiencing, sensating, perceiving. These personal stories are the root source of suffering.
  • The paradox of living as a momentary appearance of no-thing-ness as every-thing-ness. The beauty of light, energy, water, and magnetism.  Quantum Physics shows we are not separate beings.

And like the menu is not the actual food it represents, these written words are not able to communicate the Mystery of what is…as it is…it’s beyond the relative and limited words we use to describe what is innately intangible. What we are is beyond words and yet words are mostly what we use to communicate.  Music, art, beauty, and nature radiate this perfect mystery, this paradox.

Our original identity, our naturalness, appears so effortlessly and intimately as beingness we simply overlook this presence…believing instead that appearances are within an external world of subjects and objects with us at the center inside as the perceiver, a specific and separate me.

A personal self/ego desperately believes it has the power to make personal choices and to reach awakening, to become enlightened. It does not. And yet, the ego is also the flickering appearance of eternal light reflected and refracted as this momentary spontaneous appearance.



  1. peacefulriver

    I love your posts. I “get” all this intellectually, but still thoughts trap me into a sense of separation. Over and over again ……

  2. Thanks for your comment. I love you. As you already see…you are not the thoughts and feelings that come and go…you are the infinite edgeless stillness, the indescribable void upon which the thoughts come and go…simply ignore the thoughts and stay with the aliveness you are. Thoughts will pass through as long as you are conscious…that’s what thoughts do…accept them and ignore them. Hey, most of the latest TIG videos are up…take a look! Click here for 2016 TIG videos on YouTube