Chew on These

Naming and labeling are mental devices reinforcing the creation of a separate me living across space and time. So logically, a name, a label, or a concept is not the thing appearing.  Since language is how we mostly communicate, here are some breadcrumbs, some pointers, to use in mediation or while walking or sitting in nature.

  • Buddha, Jesus, and Rumi point to the belief of a self appearing across a time-based reality as the source of all suffering.
  • Never underestimate the cleverness of the identity to create a story where none exists.
  • Raw, unfiltered perception and sensation are the magnificence, the intimacy, and the wondrous mystery of this aliveness, this aware presence, here, now.
  • Silence is not the absence of thought. Silence is the absence of a self taking ownership of thought and thinking.
  • Believing you are a person who thinks and understands that nothing can be known or understood is not the same as realizing there is no lasting person to think or understand, or not think or not understand.
  • We forget that words, labels, and names are only metaphors bridging the nameless longings of the heart to the shadows cast by what the brain/mind believes it sees.
  • Nonduality is the absence of duality and nonduality.


  • Yearning, striving, searching, inquiring, examining and seeking to awaken and realize the Truth may appear but not to a lasting you or me.
  • The mind/ego works relentlessly to promote itself and its assumed time-based personal existence.
  • What’s looking through your eyes?
  • Believing you have a personal awareness or consciousness that lasts across time and space does not make it so.
  • Awareness/consciousness is not divisible so there is no possibility of a lasting individual.
  • Most spiritual dogma and traditions encourage a personal self into a belief system that recognizes and preserves a soul or spirit at the death of a body.


  • Awareness, consciousness, and appearances are not divided, do not exist in time and space, and have no lasting essence through time.
  • There is no lasting me or self.  There feels like a me at the center of perception seeming to perceive an external world of subjects and objects.
  • Pure awareness, what simply is, appears so intimately as beingness it’s misperceived as a personal me looking out upon a separate time-based reality.
  • The brain works to name, claim, categorize, and own appearances as personal, oblivious to the fleeting nature of pure aware presence.


  • Awareness is the perceiving, sensating…is what is looking through the eyes…the seeing, the seer, the seen. It feel personal but this sensation is not lasting.
  • Most scientists assume their eyes are attached to a lasting personal self, never exploring or questioning what’s actually looking through their eyes and never questioning their beliefs in time.
  • Your true nature, your original essence is infinite, edgeless, timeless awareness so vast and unknowable and undefinable it cannot be named nor understood by the brain.

What is seeing is self-aware…but it’s not personal and lasting across time though it feels quite intimate.

Know this: you cannot mess up, you cannot get this human thing wrong, you have never made a mistake, you are perfect just as you are, even if you do not believe it. There is only this…beyond words…and I am, and you are, this…here…now.  Verify this for yourself.