Nonduality Books

What’s reading through “your” eyes?

There are many thousands of nonduality books and teachers discussing Advaita Vendanta, Taoism, Zen, and Oneness, and I’ve heard and read many. The sharing of these learned and revered concepts is also, I feel, part of the perfection of the dream of what is and what is not.

From this perspective, it seems most popular nonduality teachers and writers on social media are not willing to venture anywhere near pointing towards annihilation. How might a seamless, edgeless, emptiness ever be parceled into bits and pieces, much less into bodies, except as a dream?

Even the writings attributed to Nisargadatta, Lao Tzu, and Krishnamurti are dead words and these guys understood and warned against swallowing words. Words, oral or written, cannot ever describe what cannot be comprehended with the brain.

There are a few that are good reads in my opinion…shown above in the pic, and listed below, but please question everything you believe you know…including the words of the gurus who think they have awakened. Would you pay good money to read about a mysterious nothingness/everythingness and here, now/oblivion? If you would, this website may be your cup of tea :).

Nonduality Books

The Perennial Way – translations by Bart Marshall  – Ashtavakra Gita and Heart Sutra in particular

Ask the Awakened – Wei Wu Wei – all books by Wei Wu Wei (Terence James Stannus Grey)

Sunyata – Life and Saying of a Rare-born Mystic – edited/compiled by Betty Camhi & Elliott Insenberg

Solving Yourself – Yuben de Wu Hsin – and more with all translations by Roy Melvyn

Perfect Brilliant Stillness – David Carse

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