Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden, Raleigh, NC

There is no such event as enlightenment because there is no personal self to claim such a mental concept. Exposing the myth of the personal self opens wide the portal of deeply programmed and obscured emotions and beliefs to be seen as the illusions they are in the light of pure aware presence.

Also below are links to sages, teachers, preachers, scientists, medical teachers and preachers, and spiritual healers and teachers discussing the science of the brain, the nature of the mental processes/mind, and other topics that were helpful for me to comprehend about how this organism seems to function.  Let me know if you have books to recommend.

Bart Marshall

Bernadette Roberts

Cynthia Bourgeault, Ph.D.

David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

David Scoma – Just Perception

Father Richard Rohr

Jac O’Keeffe

Jan Frazier Teachings

James Finley, Ph.D

Mike Snider

Paul Hedderman – Zen Bitch Slap

Robert Wolfe – Living Nonduality

Suzanne Segal – Collision with the Infinite

TAT Foundation

Triangle Inquiry Group

Body, Mind, Brain

Dr. David Eagleman

Dr. Elaine Aron – The Highly Sensitive Person

Dr. Joan Borysenko – Minding the Body Mending the Heart

Dr. Judith Orloff – Are You an Emotional Empath?

Sam Harris – Waking Up

Dr. Rick Carson – Taming Your Gremlin

Dr. Wayne Dyer – all books

Dr. Wayne Muller – Legacy of the Heart



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