Dreamy Illusions

Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Life is a seeming… a seeming of dreamy illusions of uncaused, spontaneously flowing phenomenal and noumenal appearances claimed and objectified by an illusory human brain/mind.

Awareness falls spontaneously through the illusory appearing and disappearing and the brain/mind claims these appearances as personal, distinctive, and real occurrences and locates awareness inside a personal body inside a tangible, and substantial, world.

For more than fifty years, I tenaciously gripped the ideas, concepts, and beliefs that i was a separate human in a tangible, and substantial world of persons, places, and things moving through time and space, until the beliefs and concepts slowly and painfully fell away.  No?

What is…is a miraculous play of light reflecting and refracting through prisms of illusory characters, seeming real and distinctive, yet only a holographic emptiness.

So what’s seeming to happen?

The marvelous, sentient, and objectifying human brain/mind projects this seemingly real story by spinning what’s not happening into a very believable and convincing virtual reality with a center of action and reference called me, my, mine, or i, at the center of all the actionless action.

This talent and inclination of projecting and perceiving what is appearing is a delicate process of the human brain/mind that begins with vigor in two year olds asserting and forming neural networks to establish a separate (and illusory) energy form distinct from parents, siblings, and playthings.  This amazing human brain/mind hijacks the perceived present awareness/consciousness and claims/holds it like a hostage – a hijacked consciousness, now misperceived as a personal consciousness contained within a phantom, but believed personal self.

The self-referencing brain/mind mechanism projects the story of it’s seemingly separate self within a reality it labels as life, creation, or reality, and the brain/mind believes this reality to be true and solid with the self at the center of it.  The apparent nature of the brain as a self-referential organism cannot comprehend the essential emptiness of all things, let alone see the misperception of claiming a personal and discrete center operating in the illusory flow of time/space.

What is so amazing and poignant is that most characters believe this virtual reality to be real and tangible. this is not surprising since the brain is configured without the ability to see it has created this illusory world. It’s genius really.  It’s unfathomable to us humans that “what is appearing” is illusory since the sentient brain that produces this illusory self rarely, if ever, perceives the impersonal nature of the illusory reality it believes it perceives.

Once this claiming, naming, and labeling of phenomena by the brain/mind is underway, then every appearance of awareness manifesting as what we believe to be form is sorted and categorized in relation to the consciousness believed to be located at the center of the human.

Slumbering and misperceiving reality while waking or sleeping is the perfect dance for nearly all the characters in the dream. Most are never motivated to go near or explore the void that props up consciousness due to fear, and rightly so, there is nothing there, no one to see it, and nothing to be seen.

The brain/mind objectifies all, including the sense of consciousness, awareness, and I amness.  There are no separate permanent objects or bodies existing across time and space as we believe.  These beliefs are only be found as concepts in the brain/mind.

Either way, examined or not, the dream is all that’s happening and it’s impossible wake up and/or exist apart from it. As for those illusory characters who awaken within the dream to realize their illusory nature, the dream is known as a glorious tapestry of perfectly perfect intelligent brilliance seeming to be projected though prisms of illusory human characters, and yet not even anything is appearing at all.   Go deeply into self inquiry and peel away all you believe to be tangible, lasting and real and see what holds and molds this illusion until there is nothing left to form a center.