Our Venue

Mindfulness and Nonduality Classes and Retreats at Juniper Level Botanic Garden – Raleigh, NC

Our unique world-class botanic garden offers a unique setting and quiet refuge for individuals, self-inquiry groups, classes, and retreats to simply notice the impersonal nature of presence.  We call upon many tools to loosen the grip of knowing and identity while realizing the paradox that there is not a personal self that is able to make choices.  Our tools include our ever-present awareness or presence, open-hearted meditative inquiry, somatic inquiry, an attitude of not-knowing, silence, walking meditations, community, just to name a few. We welcome what is appearing regardless of the texture.

We offer mindfulness and nonduality retreats and classes from time to time facilitated by Anita.  Occasionally we bring in friends and guest speakers including the following who have spoken in our gardens:  Paul Hedderman, Paul Constant, Jan Frazier, Bob Cergol, Art Ticknor, Lynden Harris, Martin Wells, Jenny Clarke, Mary Vaananen, and Doug White.

Anita has also been teaching the benefits and techniques of meditation since 1992 and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) since competing the MBSR Program offered by Duke Integrative Health in 2005.