Do you appear as a body or does a body simply appear as you?

Many of us are obsessed with intellectual accomplishments and use the body as a vehicle to service the mind.  This questing and seeking is quite thrilling to those characters addicted to information and knowledge since the answer and the question appear from the same emptiness thus can never be found.

When it’s all been read, said, studied, and analyzed, the body, and not the mind, is the better guide to sensing and feeling what is appearing. I discovered this the hard way by ignoring this body and believing it was a rebellious creature. I wanted a calm body, not a panicky body. I had no idea both appearances were the same illusory energetic void playing with itself.

I realized the body is always communicating and sensing perfectly. All emotions and sensations are only energies appearing within the body. The impersonal and uncaused energy of consciousness spontaneously feeds the functional processes of the body — the same impersonal energy moving the clouds through the sky and shining the sun.

This uncaused impersonal energy enlivens the illusory flesh-covered bones and water of the self. I am not, nor ever have been, the controller of the body – the body appears to be animated as an uncaused, impersonal, consciousness -spontaneously moving as this illusory body named anita.

The awesome multitude of the illusory body’s 75+ organs, 200+ bones, and 600+ muscles are brilliantly and spontaneously being lived and moved, uncaused, spontaneously appearing as impersonal consciousness in its dream of itself.