What’s Looking?

When we perceive life from a lens beyond the mental concepts and constructs of the brain, and simply experience the seamlessness and unicity of all appearances, our original and natural inner peace and tranquility flows as the moment. Eventually a personal me or self at the center looking out to an external world of subjects and objects is seen to be completely false and the cause of all psychological suffering. Seeing life this way is the foundation of the Perennial Wisdom teachings.

It takes a giant commitment and loads of courage to look deeply at what’s looking and listening from the eyes and ears. You must be willing to be willing… to be open to inquiring into every appearance each moment and see the mischief of the mind for what it is. We get so stuck in the rut of deep beliefs and repetitive stories and thoughts about what and who you are each moment. Self Inquiry is a simple process yet challenging to undertake on a moment by moment basis. Practiced long enough and deep enough into the foundational belief of the personal self will usually yield some ability to see the bundle of self made stories that we believe ourselves to be. Read more about self-inquiry here https://www.nondu.org/self-inquiry-group/

Rigorous and constant self inquiry, perhaps for years, eventually may pave the way for a dropping away of the false stories in our brain/mind in order for what is always here now to be perceived as the perfect edgeless fullness it is.