Blocks to Awakening

Self Inquiry is simply questioning the nature of the belief “I am a separate being, with a separate and personal awareness.”

Many of you have asked for a listing of some inquiry topics and I’ve listed the main areas of self inquiry that I explored.

Bear in mind that exploring these topics with the intensity of a determined and crazed seeker will eventually disconnect many of the thousands of beliefs and concepts keeping the personal self stories running.  

It seems inquiring appears when the seeker is spiritually ready to begin the exploration.  I was pointed towards self inquiry by a dear friend only six months before awakening. For nearly eighteen years I had practiced insight meditation and yoga to reduce stress and anxiety so I was already aware of the thinking mind, the thought stream, and the many tricks of the brain/mind. So finding Bart Marshall and the teachings of Richard Rose was the death of me 🙂  

Finally discovering the necessity of using the tool of self inquiry was the final blow to the remaining beliefs held tightly by the brain. Clearly these beliefs below are nearly universal in acceptance…the concept of time being one of the biggest belief to crumble.

Self inquiry is tedious and bewildering and downright sad, and will take longer and ring your bell louder than you may imagine.  No sugar coating here…

  • Beliefs/concepts about identity as a separate person, a body, a family, a tribe
  • Beliefs/concepts about gender, nationality, race, creed, religion, spirituality, forgiveness
  • Beliefs/concepts about time
  • Beliefs/concepts about locations, space, heaven, hell
  • Beliefs/concepts that something of you (essence, spirit) remains after death of the body
  • Beliefs/concepts about gravity and laws of science
  • Beliefs/concepts about karma and reincarnation
  • Beliefs/concepts about sickness and healing
  • Beliefs/concepts about judgments, opinions, preferences, facts, truths
  • Beliefs/concepts about awakening, enlightenment, realization, religion, spirituality, spiritual teachers, gurus, nonduality paths, states of mind, states of consciousness or awareness.
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