Center for Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Never has a person or a world existed. The brain/mind’s seductive dance of labeling, naming, and claiming appearances creates an imaginary storyline with a “me” at the center of an imaginary life that seems tangible, relative, and appearing in space and time.

And the great mystery of these spontaneous appearances cannot be described yet we try with our words and phrases to describe the indescribable.

This succulent image captures a sweet, fragile, beauty radiating between precise and painful spines, and yet neither beauty or thorns exist, has ever existed — only concepts and beliefs flashing across the screen of the relative mind and claimed as an imaginary subject labeled “me” perceiving an imaginary object labeled “succulent.”

What is feels as vaporous as an endless breath…never inhaling nor exhaling. We attempt to blanket ideas, beliefs, and concepts over an edgeless infinity using seductive and unquestioned beliefs — the greatest being the belief and conviction that there is a tangible, permanent, and fixed center as a “me” located in a time and space reality.

Perceiving arises spontaneously as impersonal conscious, as aware presence, and it dances as wavelengths of light and colors reflecting and refracting a perfect dreamscape to play as self and other…when what I am, you are, is really nothing at all, vaporous.

And this feels like death of all that the character “knows” including the body. And a scary, yet perfect, silence engulfs the endless breath and throws it beyond the cosmos into the voidless void.

Impersonal noticing or awareness rises as stillness and even the smallest of what is…seems to appear. And…a dawning stirs and a gracious unpeeling exposes the edgeless and empty stillness as what I am, you are……. and an Intelligence that can never be described nor understood with the brain/mind wraps itself, as the void, as this perfect edgeless, infinite, stillness, and silence.

Words get in the way and miss this essence, this perfume, this pulseless pulse.