Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Is it a belief in an enduring or lasting energy or consciousness? Is permanence a fact or consensus of opinion? Have you ever questioned the concept of permanence or just taken it to be what everyone else says it is?

The concepts of “faith and devotion” rest upon deeply held beliefs in permanence, also known as time. Without time, beliefs have no foundation upon which to persist. What can possibly persist when time itself is seen as a concept?

What about faith? What is the belief mechanism that perpetuates faith?  Doesn’t faith require a belief in time as well…a belief that something can and will arise later, in time, that is not already here now.  There is only what is….this…here…appearing.

Robert Heinlein writes:  Does history record any case in which the majority is right?

For this pilgrim, decades of devotion to Christian scriptures ensuring eternal life were deeply comforting “to the me I thought I was.” Like most, cherishing the peace provided by believing in something eternally and infinitely more powerful than humans gives meaning and purpose to one believing in a world of separate subjects and objects. The world of time and space.

These sacred and holy beliefs defined my identity. I worshiped at the altar of heirloom traditions, sacred written assurances, and the powerful symbols of beliefs. Who am/was I —  if not these teachings and traditions?  Who, or what, am/was I? And who or what knows this?