Many are obsessed with intellectual accomplishments and use the body as a vehicle to service the brain/mind. This is can be quite satisfying to those addicted to information and knowledge.

When it’s all been read, said, studied, and analyzed, the body, not the brain/mind, is the better guide to what is authentic and not a reproduction from memory.

I discovered this paradox the hard way by ignoring this body’s wisdom and believing the body to be a rebellious creature. I wanted a calm body, not a highly sensitive panicky body. I had no idea both appearances were the same illusory energy as aware presence.

I know the body/mind/brain is sensing perfectly. All emotions and sensations are only electrical impulses as awareness appearing as a body. The ineffable energy guiding all the functional processes of the body is the same ineffable energy moving the clouds through the sky and shining the sun.

Moving energy enlivens the appearance of the flesh-covered bones and water. I am not, nor ever have been, the controller of the body. Yes, the body to appears to be moving or resting, but I am not the owner of the actions, even though I appear to be, and yet, paradoxically, I am. Paradoxical with every inhale. Death with every exhale.

The awesome multitude of the body’s 75+ organs, 200+ bones, and 600+ muscles are simply appearing as aware presence as a dream of Itself.