Perceiving reality directly with the senses, without any commentary or judgment is consciousness being conscious of itself.  Humans have a multitude of organs and regulators operating within the body and a few are listed below. These rarely or little noticed gifts are continuously sensing and operating within our bodies…yet most fail to simply notice the importance of direct sensing to conssciousness and what is true. Raw sensations of the body will be closer to truth than any thoughts and beliefs about the sensations.

Are you able to add a few other perceiving and sensory mechanisms to this listing?

Temperature regulation
Blood flow, heart rate
Thirst, hunger
Intramuscular movement
When you are out in nature, select one of the sensory organs or systems and gently notice the body without judgment.Notice awareness, notice what is aware….consciousness aware that it is aware.
Noticing the body’s sensory experiences moves our attention away from our thinking minds and into the actual physical experiences of the current sensations.This is healing for the bodymind and releases hormones that induces the relaxation response and reduces stress hormones and science clearly proves movements initiated within the body are claimed and owned by the brain a full 4-8 seconds after the neurons have fired into action! 

Below is a mini-meditation and it’s easy to integrate into your day.
Simply select the sensory mode you wish to explore — let’s use the sense of touch as our example
so simply notice the feel and sensation of sweat dripping from your brow,
feel and sense the tender or vigorous pulsing of blood in your temples or chest,
feel and sense your muscles pull as you bend, move, and work in the gardens or flower/vegetable beds.
Feel the warm or cool moist air passing through your nostrils or your mouth as you inhale and exhale.
Feel your feet and shoes and sense the anchoring into the soil.
Notice how the earth supports your every movement.
Feel and sense your hands grip the shovel or rake, touching the soil, or touching a plant
Also notice how the body guides and shifts itself nearly effortlessly from one area of the garden or yard to another. 
The body moves perfectly without the thinking mind…and the illusion of you is just along for the ride!
So relax and enjoy all the sensory experiences of the body and be kind to yourself when you believe you own or direct the body!Clearly you do not!
“I was afraid that by observing objects with my eyes and trying to comprehend them with each of my other senses I might blind my soul altogether.” – Socrates (BC 469-BC 399) Greek philosopher of Athens


Do you appear as a body or does a body simply appear as you?

Many of us are obsessed with intellectual accomplishments and use the body as a vehicle to service the mind.  This questing and seeking is quite thrilling to those characters addicted to information and knowledge since the answer and the question appear from the same emptiness thus can never be found.

When it’s all been read, said, studied, and analyzed, the body, and not the mind, is the better guide to sensing and feeling what is appearing. i discovered this the hard way by ignoring this body and believing it was a rebellious creature. I wanted a calm body, not a panicky body. I had no idea both appearances were the same illusory energetic void playing with itself.

I realized the body is always communicating and sensing perfectly. All emotions and sensations are only energies appearing within the body. The impersonal and uncaused energy of consciousness spontaneously feeds the functional processes of the body — the same impersonal energy moving the clouds through the sky and shining the sun.

This uncaused impersonal energy enlivens the illusory flesh-covered bones and water of the self. I am not, nor ever have been, the controller of the body – the body appears to be animated as an uncaused, impersonal, consciousness -spontaneously moving as this illusory body named anita.

The awesome multitude of the illusory body’s 75+ organs, 200+ bones, and 600+ muscles are brilliantly and spontaneously being lived and moved, uncaused, spontaneously appearing as impersonal consciousness in its dream of itself.