Lenses of Perception

From what perspective, or what perceptual lenses, are you viewing life? Are you certain the reality you perceive is true? Do your perceptions distort your view of what is now simply appearing? How do you know what you are perceiving is real and true?  

When enough people believe the same fundamental beliefs and concepts this sets up an alternate reality innocently believed, shared, and communicated. Ninety-nine percent of the world believes there is one consistent and enduring reality across all observers/viewers of reality and we are taught to believe that this is the reality our senses are to comprehend.  This is what our human brains are wired to do for our survival, to measure, judge, and separate reality into an inner realm and an outer realm based on the belief in an objective relativity.  

And many wise medicine women and men have explored reality with the use of psychedelics (classical hallucinogens), dissociatives, deliriants, etc.  Read more here.


Does what you believe bend or shape your view of reality?  Does your perception of reality differ from anyone else you know?  The aware presence you are is infinite and timelessly open and accepting of every appearance of life. This infinite and expansive present awareness is also know as awareness or consciousness, but it is not localized into separate bodies each with their own personal thoughts and feelings.  

We have been programmed since babyhood that we exist separately from consciousness, that we have a unique and personal consciousness within us – as us – and that we have private thoughts and feelings. 

We mistakenly believe consciousness to be personal to us since it feels so intimate and close to us and we assume awareness and consciousness originate or is located within the individual center of the body/mind. 

There is only consciousness, or aware presence and it is not personal, limited, or measureable. It cannot be located to a specific location. The brain will argue otherwise, since the brain’s main mission is to receive sensory inputs and to catalog them according to relativity….good and bad, up and down, here or there, me or you and to judge them based on opinions, feelings, and preferences.

I want nothing more than to share what I have seen with you. So below, are brief notes about the major perceptual lenses I noticed in the long process of self-inquiry, which is the timeless process of opening, exploring, and revealing the original nature of the self we claim as personal.  

Please be aware, I have not included the thousands of other lenses reflecting the “beliefs” of what we are….gender, race, nationality, tribe, family, friends, cultural, geographical, political, historical, medical, artistic, social, spiritual…..and the list goes on and on…sorta like this sentence 🙂 

Simple Lens Anita  – Duality

  • Perceiving/sensing to create an identity I call “me,” the little self. 
  • Documenting, recalling, and sharing this personal life with others. 
  • Separation between “me” and “other.”   

Scientific Lens Anita – Duality

  • Perceiving life through the lenses of microscopes, telescopes, textbooks, history, and education to learn about myself and my place in the world. 
  • Learning about God. 
  • Learning to label, evaluate, measure, and judge all aspects of life in relation to time, space, location, and performance or outcomes.
  • Separation between “me” and “other.”  beliefs in time, space, volume, duration.   

Maternal Lens Anita – Duality

  • Nurturing, providing, and guiding three children, and this personal self, towards society’s definition of motherhood, adulthood.  
  • Learning about God’s love directly through the scriptures.
  • Separation between “me” and “other.”    

Intellectual Lens Anita – Duality

  • Studying religion, spirituality, ancient wisdom texts, astrology, philosophy, and unitive dogma to uncover the meaning and purpose of life.
  • Learning the many facets and expressions of god/God around the world and through history.
  • Separation between “me” and “other.”    

Unity Lens Anita – Duality

  • Discovering the quantum physics of connectedness of all creation — believing in a god/God of cosmic intelligence, of unconditional love.  
  • Kundalini energy experiences.
  • Believing myself to be a small self of this unity/oneness of the universe. could not see the contradiction of dividing oneness.
  • Believing i had a separate personal awareness, soul, and ability to make choices. 
  • Separation between “me” and “other.”    duality.

Empty Lens Anita – Duality

  • Deconstructing the personal beliefs and scientific concepts collected over the decades.  
  • Understanding that “one” cannot be “parceled into many.” 
  • God remaining undefinable, unexplainable, a mystery, vastness, nothingness, void, oblivion
  • Satori and kundalini energy experiences appearing to increase.
  • Losing the perceived distinctions and edges that were the sum of the reality I occupied as a separate being.
  • Personal self identity dissolving… questioning the belief of a personal self.   

Nonduality – Beyond – – Beyond All Lenses…Yet With all Lenses

  • Seeing as direct knowing –this seeing is undoubtedly Grace and not possible by the intent or desire of the little self – the Anita character.  This direct knowing is beyond the comprehension of the brain/mind and beyond the mind’s concepts of space and time — What is…appears as indivisible, timeless, edgeless, vastness…projecting an illusory creation appearing as forms and not forms. impersonal consciousness seeing itself, and not seeing itself as vastness, formless, no-thing-ness dreaming a relative and dualistic appearing projection – a dreamscape.
  • Nothing lost and nothing gained.
  • Seeing the folly of believing the personal self was anita…
  • The self is the “instrument” of perceiving the illusory reality and it’s known directly, beyond the mind, that what is appearing is a spontaneous, momentary flash of energy (outside time and space so there is no duration at all) in a dream of separation to experience the concepts of “self” and “other.” 
  • Infinite vastness, edgeless, formless, limitless, indivisible, immeasurable, spontaneous nothingness appearing as everythingness as the anita character. anita’s sensory mechanisms feel heightened beyond measure and super-sensitive.
  • Physical and emotional disruptions appear as the illusory physical body adjusts to increased energetic flow of electrical current.
  • Paradoxical…feeling, sensating what is clearly illusory. 
  • Root chakra in constant union with crown chakra.  
  • Unmoving and unshakable inner peace, silence, tranquility as the expressions of the character Anita seem to appear.
  • “Beyond” is known directly, beyond brain/mind. Beyond concepts like non-duality and transcendence.  Nothing has ever been real, nothing will ever be real…all appearances are illusory.

For me, it really helped to laugh often and never take myself seriously…