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This website is a collection of insights and stories of the perennial wisdom teachings from my perspective. These wisdom teachings, and those offering these teaching, pointed me towards a pathless path to awakening. The teachings have the authenticity and power to impact any serious student pursuing the narture of Absolute Truth, not relative truth..

The writings here describe what the seeking and awakening journey felt like for me, what seemed to have happened, what continues to be, and how awakening appears through these eyes, this body, today, nine years later.

You may already be familiar with the paradoxical teachings of the sages like Jesus the Christ, Lao Tzu, Wu Hsin, Wei Wu Wei, Rumi, St. Teresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart, The Buddha, Shankara, and others. These wisdom teachings point towards perceiving reality/life as an impersonal, unified, edgeless, seamless, appearance of emptiness appearing as fullness.

This is why Jesus the Christ said heaven is here now. I read these words of Jesus as being heaven is perceiving without separating life into subjects and objects because to do so creates a duality where none exists.

Heaven is unicity, oneness..one without a second. Just this moment here now… before we add names, labels, and categorizing what we believe we see with the actual essence of what is appearing.

Are you able to suspend your doubts, if only briefly, and open to the possibility that Jesus the Christ, the Buddha, St.Teresa of Avila, Rumi, and other sages were not teaching separation of energy into individual bodies, but that energy is edgeless, infinite, and perfect…as it is here, now…regardless of what seems to be appearing.

Personal suffering is optional when seen in this light. Mere words and language will never adequately describe what is beyond a relative view or perspective of life since nearly all language is relative. Music, art, dance, and poetry come closer to describing the elusive and fleeting nature of what is seeming to appear than mere words can ever communicate.

What is appearing cannot be reduced to a simple “subject and object” relationship as is required by speaking and writing most relative based languages.

Do you sometimes sense your essence extending beyond your skin? Does spending time in nature or seeing and sensing great beauty expand your awareness and quiet your mental chatter? Many of us are searching for relief from the incessant thoughts in our heads. We want inner peace and calm and have forgotten the simple wonder and aliveness we felt as children before we learned to name, label, and claim what we perceive through our senses.

Nearly all of us believe we mature into adults. What occurs, unbeknownst to us, is we are taught by society, family, educators, and organized religion to maintain a separate sense of self…what I refer to as the Identity Trap. This trap is the widely-held belief that “I am appearing as a separate person in a world of other separate persons.” Very few ever question this belief. And this one false belief of being separate sets the stage for creating a personal me at the center of reality looking out upon a solid and lasting world of others, things, and places.

The Perennial Wisdom teachings are ancient teachings embracing the underlying essence of the world’s largest religious traditions. These Perennial Wisdom teachings share a single, metaphysical truth or origin from which most of the worlds ancient religious doctrines have emerged. And this single truth is the philosophy of an impersonal, undivided, wholeness or oneness…a seamless, undivided, One, One without a second, pure unicity.

This perennial wisdom philosophy has been taught, shared, and practiced globally in various religious traditions by seekers of Truth around the globe for millennia. Oneness, or unicity, is the undivided-ness which is not a subject or an object and is not divisible into relative bits and parts.

Appearances of the body and breath are the invisible doors to perceiving this seamless, edgeless, oneness…which is here, now, as this perfect moment, this infinite, alive, edgeless reality.


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