Anita Avent at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

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The writings here point towards the nature of what is and is not. Most humans have been taught to overlook the fleeting, undivided, paradoxical, beingness –favoring instead to create and live within a make-believe mental realm that names, claims, and labels appearances into categories of separate subjects and objects. 

Of course, this mental make-believe realm has, at the very center, a personal me believing it uniquely experiences life.

The belief of existing as a personal self is the root of personal suffering.

As small children, open curiosity and joy is our natural state but we lose this innocence and fluidity day by day as we are taught to name, label, and claim things, appearances, as belonging to a personal and separate me which does not exist. Appearing as a separate me is an elaborate belief system programmed into our brains.

So of course, as adults, we live in our thoughts, our incessant thinking, worrying about the future and regretting the past.  And we suffer deeply because we believe we are a separate me, and that life happens to a “me” and that this me is able to make choices and decisions. 

Suffering looks like this image of 4-year-old-Anita.  She was programmed to believe she was separate by well-meaning parents believing themselves to be separate.

Seldom do we glimpse the utter perfection and sheer mystery we are unless we’re watching a breath-taking sunset or holding our new child, puppy, or grandchild for the first time.  This innocence, simplicity, joy, and curiosity still animates the body — but most seldom notice — preferring the pull of the mesmerizing stories of a separate “me” created by the chorus of demanding egos veiled within the brain.

What is is what is.  There are no words to describe what is beyond words, beyond the relative world we believe we inhabit.

By looking deeply within the moment to moment experience of life, and by being exposed to the deeper wisdom traditions, you may glimpse what cannot be described, only pointed towards as what is…this awaring presence seeming to appear, yet not appear, here, now, as this infinite, edgeless, undivided, timeless moment. Words can never describe what is beyond a relative perspective. And this unfathomable paradoxical wisdom will cramp the brain.

There are no writings here about “becoming” awakened, enlightened, or any “thing” at all…time is a mental construction.  If you believe you can become enlightened then this website may trouble the separate you that you take yourself to be.   ~anita

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