Greetings! I live in the sacred luminous curves of this mystical, magical garden.

This lovely garden grows her beauty across many acres and requires a staff of two-legged garden lovers to manage her daily miracles and mischief.  From around the world, plant scientists, medical researchers, sages, and scribes make pilgrimages to this private, rural garden to feel and embrace her unique ways of expressing beauty while studying and uncovering her scientific and medicinal mysteries.

That I live in this garden is a miracle. I survived childhood traumas at the hands of alcoholic gypsy parents who were doing their best but could not even take care of themselves.  Adult life has been colorful with three marriages, two divorces, one breath-taking love affair, graduate school, single motherhood, and working as a corporate raider of the last dollar all while feeding an addiction to spiritual seeking.

Yes, this is where I now live…in this garden, this mystery, this peace, and pregnant silence.

Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

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