Nonduality Mentoring-Meetings

I welcome open, awareness-based explorations of what is appearing here-now, questioning all beliefs and seeing how suffering is created and perpetuated.  I have nothing to teach…awareness cannot be taught – there is no separate student to learn and teacher to teach or awaken.

I offer you breadcrumbs (see breadcrumbs article below) pointing to what is radiant here, now, as this moment.  I notice where long-held beliefs and concepts are hiding and distorting our perceptions of what is appearing.  I show you how to back away from all that is covering what is appearing in plain sight now.

My approach is simple, direct, and down-to-earth. I point to this present moment recognition of the aware presence we already are and the simplicity of being present this moment, exactly as it is with relaxed, open, and curious sensing, being, and listening.

We uncover the beauty of living openly and receptively, without names, labels, and claims of ownership of what is appearing.  We do we fret over the use of pronouns and words while we discover that words, labels, and names are not the thing any more than the menu is the food or the map the territory.

Individual meetings with me may be arranged at Juniper Level Botanic Garden in Raleigh, NC.  I am also open to brief, no nonsense individual sessions by phone, Skype, or FaceTime for those outside the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area.

My currency is Love…pay it forward.


Nondual Events in Raleigh, NC

I facilitate monthly self inquiry gatherings on Saturdays with fellow pilgrim Jenny in Raleigh, NC. These casual gatherings of nondual spiritual and philosophical friends include silence, a talk, and group dialogue. Attendees are encouraged to speak from their heart and direct experience and insight, not from second-hand ideas and beliefs. Read more here: Monthly Gatherings for Nondual Meditative Inquiry


Triangle Inquiry Group

I occasionally attend and facilitate the Wednesday evening meetings of the Triangle Inquiry Group…more often I attend these meetings in the Spring and Summer months than in the Fall or Winter. If you are interested in visiting the TIG for the first time, please contact Doran at this link.


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  • Breadcrumbs on the path...

    Silence is not the absence of thought. Silence is the absence of a personal self taking ownership of thought and thinking.