I’ve had a passion for being behind the lens of a camera since I was a child during the 1960s.  I experience photography as a living metaphor for seeing what is seeing through my eyes. I noticed clearly as a child the essence of Anita disappeared when seeing through the lens of a camera though it would be decades before I understood this amazing gift, this raw seeing and perceiving.

Below are a few garden images I captured of our botanic gardens my husband established in 1988 and where we live and work. The gardens are a constant reminder of the immediate and infinite peace and tranquility available beyond the concepts of time and personal identity.

It seems a natural fit for these beautiful gardens to welcome nonduality visitors and host nonduality retreats for those deeply exploring and inquiring into the true nature of what is by shedding what is not. These nondual teachings are evident and alive here as the perennial plants, trees, critters, and cats never take life personally while always embracing what is appearing with ease, equanimity, and grace.


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