Greetings! I am a writer.

Mostly I write about the paradoxical story of living as an appearance of Aware Presence that seems solid, lasting, and separate while also being a Southern spiritual woman, mother, wife, and business owner.

But I am more than this mirage of a person… as are you.

To go a step further down the rabbit hole, I am you…as infinite, undivided, edgeless Aware Presence or Consciousness, only one without a second.

In 2011 an Amazing Grace appeared and I saw directly beyond the mental programming and chatter of the brain/mind what I really am – what you are, and everything is…an unbelievable spontaneous, uncaused, edgeless, appearance of this unknowable Mystery, this Aware Presence, God, Consciousness, Awareness, Source, Absolute.  But the name or the label is not the thing it represents anymore than the menu is the food or the map is the territory.

Read more about our mind blowing botanic gardens here.

Welcome to my little website, and by the way…I’m a mom, granny, wife, extreme introvert, devotee of silence, lover of animals, movies, reading, rivers, and oceans.  My LinkedIn profile is here.








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