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The ink is flowing at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Book One is in first draft and describes in detail the core principles and philosophy of nonduality and how I seemed to peel the onion of this mysterious personal self character I call Anita. Currently I’m exploring all the ways available to publish this story.

Book Two is in chapter outline about the science of perception, our sensory machinery, and how the brain and mental processes make enduring objects from what we believe we see. In addition to describing how our mental processes keep us believing we are separate, this book will also explore the biology of belief and the roots of anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, and PTSD.

Book Three is still incubating. This book will offer inner healing tools for women, and for men wanting to better understand us. We’ll cover the ancient feminine archetypes and how we have forgotten our natural connections to our creative and wild woman roots. Maybe I can convince the lovely Marlene P to write this one with me.

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