Greetings! I am a writer.

I write from the perspective of a Southern Christian woman testing the boundaries and expectations of being a proper and polite mother, wife, and business owner while swearing and sweating as a spiritual seeker and scribe on a pathless path seeking Truth.

I write to share what opened my eyes to seeing what is truly here now appearing as THIS that seems separate, solid, and lasting as this paradoxical Anita Jane.

But I am more than this mirage of a person… as are you.

To go a step further down the rabbit hole, I am you…as infinite, undivided, edgeless Aware Presence or Consciousness, only one without a second. These are the teaching of Jesus the Christ, St. Teresa of Avila and Meister Eckhart, but I didn’t recognize these Jesus teachings until I explored beyond the traditional Sunday School lessons and sermons I learned as a child and young adult.

In 2011 an Amazing Grace appeared and I saw directly beyond the mental programming and chatter of the brain/mind what I really am – what you are, and everything is…a spontaneous, uncaused, edgeless, appearance of this unknowable Mystery, this Aware Presence, God, Consciousness, Awareness, Absolute. 

But the name or the label is not the thing it represents anymore than the menu is the food or the map is the territory. I was snarled for 50 years within what I refer to as the “Identity Trap.”  This is a collection of self-referential beliefs and concepts perpetuating a separate and personal self identity. Reinforced by family, society, educators and dogma, these beliefs and concepts prevent realizing the true identity flowing as transcendent peace which is always present but veiled by the Identity Trap.

Welcome to my quiet website, and by the way…I’m a mom, granny, wife, extreme introvert, devotee of silence, lover of animals, movies, reading, rivers, and oceans.  My LinkedIn profile is here.  

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