Nonduality Talks on Video

View Nonduality Talks guest speakers and teachers share their unique perspectives and perceptions about the true nature of “what is” appearing as aware presence and explore the nature of an external reality.

Impersonal aware presence appears so intimately as beingness that we simply mistaken it for a personal identity and preferring to live in the land of thoughts and concepts projected by the brain/mind.

No amount of reading nonduality books and listening to nonduality teachers and speakers will dissolve the concepts and beliefs knitting a personal identity together. Likely, believing the stories of the brain/mind will strengthen the ego as it projects and attempts to continue appearing as an individual self.

Only you can go within and search your brain/mind for all the tricks, traps, and games the brain/mind is playing. Mindfulness is a good tool for noticing the village of voices inside the brain.

Nonduality teachers and speakers can only point towards what you already are – beyond the relative brain/mind’s concepts of time, space, and identity.


View Triangle Inquiry Group 2016 Retreat nonduality videos here.