2018 Saturday Self-Inquiry Sessions

2018 Saturday Self-Inquiry Sessions

The Self-Inquiry Group at Juniper Level Botanic Garden is for ardent pilgrims, ready, at all costs, to turn inward and discern the illusory nature of the personal self and reality and uncover the aware presence hidden in plain sight.

Here are a few books I recommend: 
The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi – Sophia Perennis
Perfect Brilliant Stillness – David Carse
Headless Way – Douglas Harding
I Am That – Nisargardatta Maharaj

Jenny and Anita facilitate this group self-inquiry. No charge…and your tax-deductible gifts to our not-for-profit botanic garden’s endowment are welcome to preserve the gardens as a place for plant and medical research, plant exploration, horticultural and philosophical learning, and community.

Please send us a note by email to if you are joining us for the first time to see if an open seat is available, or if you need directions.


Tentative dates – subject to change.  Self-inquiry group is held at Anita’s botanic garden unless noted at Jenny’s. For directions to Juniper Level Botanic Garden click here.


2:00pm – 3:30pm

Jan 13 – Jenny
Feb 10 – Anita
Mar 10 – Jenny
April 14 – Anita
May 12 – Jenny
Jun 16 – Anita
Jul 21 – Jenny
Aug 18 – Anita
Sep 22 – Jenny
Oct 13 – Anita
Nov 10 – Jenny
Dec 15 – Anita

*Self inquiry group sessions and retreats at Juniper Level Botanic Garden may be electronically recorded. By your attendance, you consent to be recorded and agree that Anita and Tony Avent reserve all rights to this material and its dissemination in any form.

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  1. Hoping one day, you may be able to record these meetings, like they did with Bart. Wishing I lived near you all. ❤️❤️

    • Of course we can record these Saturday meetings. I’ll find the voice recorder and begin this weekend. Not sure if the Wednesday night meeting folks are ok with recording again but will ask. Wishing you lived near us too…hugs <3

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  • Breadcrumbs on the path...

    Silence is not the absence of thought. Silence is the absence of a personal self taking ownership of thought and thinking.