What Remains?

It’s “mind-blowing” to directly see the tricks and games the brain/mind plays to perpetuate itself as a separate and distinct entity where none exists. Shockingly, there is no path to traverse…where would it lead? And for who? And for what? ┬áThis is…what is…an uncaused, spontaneously appearing impersonal consciousness playing and dreaming an illusory and relative dreamscape as itself. Paradoxically…seeking appeared and searching unfolded in the…

Consciousness is Perceiving

From what perspective, or what perceptual lenses, are you viewing life?

From my experience, consciousness is the sum of three broad categories of perceptual awareness:

Inner – the sensory perceptions of the physical body.
Outer – the perceptions outside the body we call “other” or “objects” in the world.
Mind – the continual stream of arising and passing thoughts. (Thoughts are not to be confused with thinking).

Nonduality Books

There are thousands of nonduality books and teachers discussing Advaita Vendanta, Taoism, Zen, and Oneness, and I’ve read many. The teaching and sharing of these learned and revered concepts is also part of the perfection of the dreamscape. From this perspective, most nonduality teachers and writers are not willing to give up the relative concepts of time and space nor venture anywhere near pointing towards…