Richard Rose

Richard Rose was my nonduality teacher’s teacher. Bart Marshall pointed me to towards the gateless gate and Richard Rose was Bart’s teacher. You will find Richard’s timeless words below quite clear and penetrating:


The path to Truth, or Reality, or Essence is very simple:


It requires a Selfish man, an individualist not afraid of the annihilation of individualism, a fearless man not afraid of powers within him that are much greater than himself, and a man of suicidal relentlessness once his commitment is given.


All that is necessary to find the Truth is an unconditional commitment, -not putting a time upon the commitment nor a greater value on any other desires or fears. If a person sincerely makes a commitment he automatically becomes a vector in a sure direction. 


But if we wish to see the commitment become an Absolute result in this lifetime, we must be conscious of our limited time, and of ways and means to expedite the realization. All energies must give priority to the vector. Every hour must be used in a way to expedite the success. 


So that as soon as the general commitment is made, we should immediately commit our energies which are generally used for anger or pleasure so that transmutation will bring Intuition. 


The voice of Intuition will be our most valuable teacher. It will furnish all future planning for the campaign. But do not rest. Make violent efforts but do not disturb the sleepers.”



— From The Direct Mind Experience by Richard Rose