Nonduality is an ancient philosophy of perceiving and realizing awareness, consciousness, and all appearances as “not two” though they may appear to be separate and exist in time and space. Nonduality points to the absence of a personal self even though what is perceived with the senses feels personal to a me located at the center of what is perceiving.

We forget that words, labels, and names are only metaphors bridging the nameless longings of the heart to the shadows cast by what the brain/mind believes it sees.  Small children instinctively know and radiate a nondual aware presence until well-meaning adults fill children full of ideas and beliefs about their identity. And yet, there is only a seamless, edgeless appearance projecting here, now, as this moment.

Perception and sensation are the magnificence, the intimacy, and the wondrous mystery of this aliveness, this aware presence, here, now.  

Forget your name and let love journey you as you read these offerings…




Crepe Myrtles  – Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens – Raleigh, NC

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