What is Nonduality?

Nonduality and the perennial wisdom teachings point towards a shared universal Truth which has been studied, taught, and practiced around the globe for centuries. Agostino Steuco (1497-1548) wrote and published the De perenni philosophia in 1540 to show that many of the teachings of the sages, poets, and philosophers from classical antiquity were in essential harmony with the teachings of Christianity. Through the centuries we’ve come to know these core nondual tenets simply as the perennial wisdom teachings:

  • Creation, Source, Substance, of all Life is One Reality – called God, Allah, Krishna, Brahman, Tao, Buddha, Absolute, Emptiness, Stillness, Truth, Pure Consciousness, Pure Awareness, Source, Divine, etc…
  • Humans embody this One Reality but forget their true nature and believe they are separate beings.
  • Believing in personhood creates and sustains suffering, fear, competition, time, location, and anxiety.
  • Realizing the true nature and wholeness of being allows an innate deep peace, joy, and compassion to arise.

And while it surely feels like we have a personal self, a me, located at the center of what is perceiving, we truly are an edgeless, empty, aware, stillness which flows the appearances of the fullness of life.  This may seem confusing and crazy if this is your first time reading about the perennial wisdom teachings. It was puzzling for me too but I kept reading and praying until I had eyes to see and ears to hear. 

As I am a Christian and Buddhist pilgrim you will notice the writings on this website are written through these perspectives as this has been my path for more than 48 years.

Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Sadly, in our information-rich reality, we forget that words, labels, and names are only metaphors bridging the longings of the heart to the shadows cast by what the brain/mind believes it sees. Surely you’ve seen small children radiate innocence and instinctively perceive a fully-open-to-the-moment awareness until well-meaning adults fill children full of labels, concepts, and beliefs about what is appearing.  All humans live in the moment until they are brainwashed to learn and keep time.  Did you know that a few cultures of the world do not teach their children the concept of time so their children remain awakened to the simple innocence of what is appearing?  Read more about these cultures here.  

And yet, there is only a seamless, edgeless appearance projecting here, now, as this moment.

Perception and sensation are the magnificence, the intimacy, and the wondrous mystery of this aliveness, this aware presence, here, now, appearing as life, as reality, as the world.  Yet there really are no separate subjects and objects appearing, only fleeting, undivided awareness.

Forget your name, your self, and let love journey you as you read these offerings…

And for more about the philosophy and perspective of nonduality, read these breadcrumbs and this link to Wikipedia.





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